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Queens Hotel

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Building's name

Queens Hotel

Location / address
P East / Saint-Jacques

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Borough Downtown
Arrondissement Ville-Marie
Centre de l'Île

6 floors(overground)

Year of completion

Building type


Last update: 2018-01-16

CodeIMTL 841

Building demolish

Queens Hotel

Picture W. H. Carre, Album Massicotte, Banq

History and facts
The Queens Hotel was located at the corner of Peel and St-Jacques at a stone's throw from the old Bonaventure Train Station. This building was demolished in 1988 after being abandoned for nearly 10 years.

The picture above shows the hotel as it was before many expansions, when he had a hundred rooms. Several extensions would later raise capacity near 400 rooms.

Victim of downtown moving to the north and the closure of the Bonaventure Train Station, Hotel was'nt attracting enough customers to be profitable. Despite the attempt of Heritage Montreal to classified this building as historical monument and despite a recovery plan approved by the city, the hotel was left up to its partial collapse in 1988 that put authorities on alert, thus precipitating its demolition.

In order to rebuilt a part of the facade of the hotel on another building, parts of it were preserved. The stones have long stand in in a vacant space in the city somewhere in the vast territory occupied by the Turcot Interchange.

Positionnement de cet édifice sur une carte ancienne 1912

Le Quartier des Gares en 1912
Carte complète - réference & source

Positionnement de cet édifice sur une carte ancienne 1890

Le Quartier des Gares en 1890
Carte complète - réference & source

Alexander Francis Dunlop  

Modifications :
1909 Saxe & Archibald

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