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Banque of Montréal Green Maisonneuve Branch

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Building's name

Banque of Montréal Green Maisonneuve Branch

Location / address
de Maisonneuve Boulevard West / Green

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City of Westmount
Centre de l'Île

6 floors(overground)


Edgar Tornay  

Year of completion

Building type

Last update:

CodeIMTL 2750

Banque of Montréal Green Maisonneuve Branch

Picture by Alexis Hamel 2011
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    Bank of Montreal (BMO) was establish in 1817 and was the first Canadian bank

    Person or institution related to this page

    This building use to ba a branch of this institution Banque de Montréal

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Picture of borough Westmount

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  Building achieved the same year (1971)
   Historical Milestones about Montreal, What did append the same year (1971)
    See History of Montreal Section
  • Montreal received the most important falls of snow ever recorded for a year: 383,3 cm (12,5 feet).
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  • Montreal attract more then 10 millions tourists a year
  • Snow is falling 61 days a year in Montreal
  • Montreal have more then 266 KM of river bank
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