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Plateau Mont-Royal

Sherbrooke Metro Station

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Building's name

Sherbrooke Metro Station


Crevier Lemieux Mercier Caron Architectes  

Location / address
Rue Berri

Near subway station Sherbrooke

  Bus : 24, 25, 30

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Borough / Arrondissement
Plateau Mont-Royal
Centre de l'Île

1 floors(overground)

Year of completion

Building type
Metro Station

Last update:

CodeIMTL 5359

Sherbrooke Metro Station

- - taken on : 2009:01

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History and facts about this building
The station ranked 24th on 65 for the number of passengers in 2003.

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    Orange Line 2

    This station is part of the Orange Line of Montreal's Metro. The orange line makes a huge "U" in the city and is among the first lines built. In 2006 this line was extended to Laval with the addition of three stations. Enlarged several times, it has 15 stations at the inauguration of the metro. It now has 31 and runs for almost twenty-nine kilometers.

    Réseau initial

    The year Montreal's subway was opened, this station was among the first 26 ones. The subway was then composed of the green line between Atwater and Frontenac, the orange line between Bonaventure and Henri-Bourassa and the yellow line to get to the Universal Expo of 1967 on St. Helene island.

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    Works cited, references and bibliography

    [Books] Métro: Le design en mouvement
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    [Website] L’achalandage dans le métro en 2003

    Person or institution related to this page

    STM - Société de transport de Montréal

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  Building achieved the same year (1966)

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   Historical Milestones about Montreal, What did append the same year (1966)
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  • Inauguration of Montreal subway
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  • Snow is falling 61 days a year in Montreal
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