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des Soeurs Grises Street, Montreal

Images, information, pictures and historical building on this street. Discover Montral's history street by street                                            

des Soeurs Grises Street

1801 : Opening year of this street or name change

Boroughs / districts where theses pictures where taken : Downtown, Old Montreal

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Reference book: Les Rues de Montréal, répertoire Historique see

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Pictures taken on this street

Wellington at Des Soeurs Grises
Wellington at Des Soeurs Grises
Des Soeurs Grises Street By Night
Des Soeurs Grises Street By Night

Historical buildings and skysrapers on this street

Multi-Média phase III
Multi-Média phase III

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  Montreal's streets : some facts Source
  • Clark Street changes direction 6 times and get sectioned 4 times
  • Nearly 400 names are waiting for a new street in the Toponymic bank of Montreal
  • The Côte Saint-Antoine road is the oldest track on the island that still in use. It was used by the native Amerindians to bypass the mountain

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