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Statistics on Montreal

Here are some statistics for meet your curiosity on Montreal. Source(2006): City of Montreal and Tourism Montreal


  • The population of the city of Montreal is 1 649 519 inhabitants (2011) and 3 824 221 for the agglomeration
  • The area of the city of Montreal is 365 km2
  • The area of the island of Montreal is 482.8 km2


  • 9 bridges are surrounding the city of Montreal
  • There are 4445 owners of taxi licensing in the city of Montreal
  • The port of Montreal is the largest port on the East Coast regarding the containers transportation, mainly because it is the closer port of the industrial heartland of America.
  • The Montreal subway has 68 stations (3 opened in 2007) spread over 4 lines
  • There are 189 bus routes on the island including 20 at night


  • It snows around 61 days/year on the city of Montreal
  • During these days, Snow fall for an average of 226.4 cm.


  • There are about 40 000 parking spaces in downtown Montreal.
  • The longest street in Montreal is Gouin Boulevard with its 50 Km
  • Montreal has more than 7630 streets for a total of 5617 km
  • The island of Montreal is in an archipelago that includes more than 400 islands.
  • Montreal is the second largest French speaking city in the world
  • There were more than 7 339 000 tourists who stayed for at least 24 hours in 2004.


  • There are 11 institution in Montreal of university level, four of them are world class universities
  • More than 17 000 foreign students studying in these universities
  • Montreal is the second largest city in North America for the number of students per capita
  • More than 25% of university-level degrees awarded in Canada are in Montreal.


  • Montreal has more than 15 200 hotel rooms, making Montreal the 13th largest in North America for the number of hotel rooms
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