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The Bank

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Bank : 5.08 / 10 - 12 votes
Building's name

The Bank

Other name(s): Banque Provinciale, Ancienne Banque Royale, Former Royal Bank

Location / address
221 Saint-Jacques Street
Quebec, Canada

Near Metro station Place-d'Armes

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Borough Old Montreal
Arrondissement Ville-Marie
Centre de l'Île

7 floors(overground)


Howard Colton Stone  

Year of completion

Building type
Bank, Apartement | Condo

Last update:

CodeIMTL 4559

The Bank

Picture by Alexis Hamel mai 2014
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    From Merchants' Bank of Halifax to the Royal Bank

    Originally founded in Halifax in 1869 as the Merchants' Bank it later became the Merchants' Bank of Halifax, to change name once again in 1901 to became the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). In 1907, the bank moved its headquarters to Montreal.

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    Person or institution related to this page

    This building use to ba a branch of this institution Banque Royale du Canada

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  Building achieved the same year (1907)
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  • Inauguration of Blue Bonnets Horse Race yard
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  • Montreal Wanderers won the Stanley Cup.
  • Economic slowdown - creation of the "Office of the municipal assistance".
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