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Outremont Theater, images

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Building's name

Outremont Theater

Location / address
1248 Bernard Avenue West
Quebec, Canada

Near Metro station Outremont

  Bus : 160

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Borough / Arrondissement
Centre de l'Île

4 floors(overground)


René Charbonneau  

Beginning of construction

Year of completion

Building type
Public Building

Last update:

CodeIMTL 265
Rated Historical building

Outremont Theater

Picture by Alexis Hamel
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History and facts about this building

Théâtre Outremont has been classified a historical monument by the Ministry of Culture and Communications June 28, 1994.

Théâtre Outremont opens November 4, 1929 with Eugene Maynard as director. Its construction was commissioned by the Confederation Amusement. The facade of yellow brick was very different compared to other theater of the time. 1450 person could sit in his opening. The interior was like most Montreal's theaters signed by Emmanuel Briffa.

Later the building changes hands for the benefit of Roland Smith, who sells all his theater to Famous Player years later in 1987. Oops then Outremont Theater is resold by Famous Player to Baron Byng Construction, the same company that had transformed the Monkland in commercial building. Company then had the same ambition for Outremont but public outcry saved the building of a radical transformation. The plan fails and then the cinema reopen for movies two years in the 90s.

Outremont city decided to renovate the building from 1993. It was after many years of renovation that the Outremont finally reopens its doors in 2001. For some time it is run by the Spectra team and has a very diverse programming ranging from comedy show, film or stage performances.

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