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20 most apreciated building of Montreal rated by our visitors.
1Maisonneuve public Bath
2Maisonneuve Market
3Bureau de Poste
4Chateau Dufresne
5Bonsecours Market
6Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
7Clock Tower
8St. Joseph's Oratory
9Windsor Train Station
10Viger Train Station
11Montreal City Hall
12St. James United Church
13 Ernest-Cormier Building
14St. James Hotel
15Former HEC Building
16Sun Life Building
17Commissioners Building
18Windsor Hotel
19Place d'Armes Hotel
20Maisonneuve City hall

Historical personnage and instititution of Montreal

This section contains pages on characters and institutions who made Montreal. It is also another way to browse all records of building and streetscape related in one way or another with the city.

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55 pages about historical figure and institution of Montreal


Allan, Hugh Andrew »»

Allan, Sir Hugh »»

Anderson, Thomas Brown »»

Angus, Richard B. »»

Atwater, Edwin »»


Beatty, Sir Edward Wenworth »»

Bourret, Honorable Joseph »»


Crathern, James »»


Dandurand, Raoul »»

Dandurand, Ucal Henri »»

Davis, Mortimer B. »»

Delisle, Alexandre M. »»

Desjardins, Alphonse »»

Dow, William »»

Drummond, George Alexander »»

Dupuis, Louis-Napoléon »»


Foster, George Green »»


Gault, Mathew Hamilton »»

Gauthier, Thomas »»

Germain, Alphonse »»

Gerrard, Samuel »»

Graham, Hugh »»

Gray, John »»


Hénault, Orille-Louis »»

Hingston, Donald A. »»

Hingston, Honorable Sir William Hales »»

Holt, Sir Herbert Samuel »»

Holton, Luther Hamilton »»


John Young »»

Judah, Frederick Thomas »»

Judah, Henri Hague »»


King, Edwin Henry »»


Laporte, Hormidas »»

Larocque, Alfred »»


Macauley, Robertson »»

Masson, Damase »»

McGill, Peter »»

Meredith, Henry Vincent »»

Molson, John »»

Mulholland, Henry »»

Murphy, Edward »»


Ouimet, Hon. Joseph Aldéric »»


Raymond, Joseph Aldéric »»

Redpath, Peter »»

Ross, James »»


Smithers, C. F. »»

Starnes, Honnorable Henry »»

Stephen, George »»

Strathcona, Lord (Donald Smith) »»


Torrance, David »»


Vaillancourt, Janvier-A. »»

Van Horne, William Cornelius »»


Wilson, Honorable Joseph Marcelin »»

Workman, Thomas »»

Workman, William »»

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